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Analysis of Secular and Religious Opinion About Abortion in Keely and Du

Secular and Religion Crash in Abortion Issue in Keely and Du

Background of the study
Keely and Du is a drama that presents something very controversial topic of performance among the world community from the past until now. Abortion is an issue that is always discussed around the world ranging from families to government circles, starting from the academic to the realm of religion.

There are several views of abortion-related issues. Two opinions are the most obvious is visible between prolife groups that emphasize the protection of infants to be born alive with prochoice which is more partial to the mother's choice to abort the pregnancy or not.

Purpose of the study
The purpose of this paper is to indicate the presence of some views on abortion that is seen in the drama Keely and Du. The two views are essentially representing the view that exists in real society. Both views that will lead the audiences to deliver their opinion on the abortion issue.

Scope of the study
Problems faced by the main character of this drama are associated with abortion and then bring in some effort to oppose abortion as a form of attitude that prefers prolife. The two arguments/views contained in the play can be represented by the two sides of the religious groups with secular groups. So, this paper will discuss only the two parties in response to an issue of abortion.
Secular and Religion opinion on abortion issue
Generally, there are two opinions on abortion in the community. The first opinion take the position as prochoice groups which are represented by the secular society. While the other group take the position as prolife groups represented by religious circles.

These two opinions, prolife and prochoice, clearly represent two different views of each other concerning in abortion issue. The prochoice group revealed that an abortion cannot be regarded as a wrong action. That is because not every act of abortion have the same reason. Secular groups argue that abortion as other acts incorporated into a life choice that is a human right.

Secular groups also added that the principle of choice that they extend to an act of abortion is based on the principle benefits of the act itself. If an act of abortion is done because there are strong reasons such as for the safety of the mother or other matters viewed from several factors. Thus, abortion can be considered as an acceptable act.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the prolife religious groups tend to be more extreme in their opinion on abortion. Abortion is an act that cannot be justified because it can be included in an act of murder. All opinions expressed by the prolife referring to the religious sources that cannot always be logical. By relying on religious doctrine and scripture, prolife groups consider that abortion is forbidden to do because every man is obliged to possess the descent in accordance with the guidance of religion. So, on behalf of any logical reason that prochoice said as the choice for pregnant women, it still cannot change the conditions that abortion is an act of murder.

In Keely and Du, the two groups were represented by several main characters involved in the drama. Pro-choice group are represented by the main character of Keely depicted as a woman who is raped by her ex-husband and became pregnant.

As a victim of rape, Keely feels very wrong if she she has to give birth to the baby. It is based on the fact that she did not want the baby. Not in that way. In accordance seen in the following quote:
Keely. It’s not my baby, it’s the peoples who made me have it, and I couldn’t treat it as my baby, not even if I loved it, I couldn’t ... and I can’t have his baby .. uh .. it’s just not something I can do ...
Furthermore Keely argues that religious teachings cannot help to have an abortion. Keely has her own reason to have an abortion. As confirmed by secular groups, according to the utilitarian principle that any act based on whether or not major benefits that can be drawn from such action. These benefits can be seen from several factors such as health, economic and psychological.

Keely affirms her opinion that abortion can and should she do because she is female workers who take care of her father, who was paralyzed, so it will be very difficult for her to give birth to her baby later and has to take care of him, her father and herself alone. We can see the following quote:
Get these off. My dad’s alone. He has to be fed. Do you understand that? He can’t move, do you hear me? ... listen, I got seventy bucks in the bank, I can’t get laid off. I got two jobs.. (13)
Based on the quotation above we can conclude that one reason why Keely wanted an abortion is because the views of economic factors as well as a bit unbalanced. As expressed by secular groups that several factors may lead to an abortion could be permitted.

Keely in the assertion that she represents the secular person is about the conflict to another characters that we can place them in the prolife group, where the drama is represented by Walter (member of church groups who oppose abortion) and Du, which is a nurse, which is also a member of the assembly. As shown in this quote:
Walter. I am a member, Keely, of Operation Retrieval. We are a group of like-minded Christiants motivated by a belief in the sancity of life and the rights of unborn children. (17)
Walter as the other antagonist main character in the drama represents the prolife side. In order of the purpose against abortion, he and his group kidnapped Keely who was one rape victim who wanted an abortion. As in the following quote:
Walter. ...we choose you as a rape victim, Keely. Rape has always been understood as the extreme edge of abortion policy, and we must make clear that infants rights extend even into this catastrophic area. The rape victim must be given support on every level, but the fact of the child is critical. (18)
In several conversations, it is explained clearly how Walter is very representative as the  prolife groups derived from the class of religious people, which explains that Walter was a priest. As a very religious person, Walter prohibits abortion, and he tried to prevent people who want to do abortions in order to cancel their abortion plans. All the reasons that Walter has are coming from his knowledge of the religion that refers to the scriptures. As shown in the following quote:
Walter. ... we ahave committed our lives. What can I say to you? I am a father, and caring for, learning from my children ... well, you wouldn’t understand. They resurrected my life through our Lord Jesus Christ. (20)
Walter. Because it is a central issue in a Christian society... (42)
Walter. ... as to my Christ, he will speak to you, saying “be fruitful and increase in number and fill the ... For in the image of God has God made man,” (43)
By providing an explanation that refers to the scriptural religion, Walter forced Keely to cancel her plan of abortion. He says that abortion is an act of murder. Walter said that the baby has nothing to do with the action taken by her husband. The following quotation:
Walter. ... but your unborn child is separate from that issue.
Keely. No, it is not.
Walter. It is separate life which may not be taken to solve your very real problems.
Keely. Hey, it’s cells, little cells.
Walter. (very clearly) it is a separate life. (17)
In addition to Walter, Du was also another character in the same position as with the prolife group. However, the approach taken by Du is more acceptable for Keely. Du uses a personalized approach to Keely by telling about his family experiences. With such an approach that can be seen in some scenes, Keely start to think to cancel her abortion plan. So, one might say that there are two different sides in this drama about prolife groups. Walter is representing prolife person that are very fanatical about his religion, while on the other side there is also Du prolife but uses a more familial approach.

As explained in the analysis above, that there are two different opinions in response to an abortion issue. The first opinion is represented by Keely as a secular person that assumes that abortion is a right for a mother. Abortion can be done if there are some good reasons for it. Taking the principle of benefit and the primacy of economic factors Keely insisted on an abortion.

While on the other hand, there are prolife groups, represented by Walter and Du favor of the prolife where any reason for abortion can be done is wrong and unacceptable. By using their religion Walter forced Keely not to have an abortion, because abortion can be classified in an act of murder. While Du has a slightly different way she treats about Keely. With the same purpose and on the same side with Walter, Du is trying to achieve their goals with a more subtle way.

Basically these two opinions are not two conflicting opinions. However, if brought together in one situation there will be a crash which resulted in a conflict between these two opinions. As seen in the drama Keely and Du.


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