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Literary Face, name of the blog I created just pop up on my mind, without any thinking of it. The motivation is, I try to make a blog that provide the information regarding literature, since I was a literature student, English Literature to be precise.

In my study, I've been learning so many theories of literature including theory on Prose, Poetry and Drama. However, in some cases, I find difficulties in applying the theory I've been given to the literature works. Some other, it is difficult to find the good sources for the theory I am using on my paper.

In case some people find the same problem with me, so that this blog is created. If you face the same problem, I hope the blog can be any use for you in your study. I've tried to share all information regarding literature here along with its sources and the analysis. However, I know that the material shared here might be not complete enough for you to depend your problem, but I will try my best to make the blog good enough for you English Literature student around the world.

If you have any suggestion or question, just post it in the comment. I'll try my best to find the answer of your question and follow your suggestion.

Thank you.



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