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Pigeon Story

Pigeon Story
by Furqon Abdi

One day, there was a pigeon that was a loss to find her nest. Sherly, a beautiful pigeon, had just given birth to her first child. Tom, her husband, was a stud who was much admired in the forest because of his good looks and responsibilities. Every day he fed Sherly and her children. He was always caring for them, repairing the nest when there is damage. Until at some point, Sherly was out intending to look for food for their children who are starving, while Tom had not come home, but how shocked she was when she found the nests and her children were not in the place in her return. Their nest was the only nest that was located far away and high in the tallest tree in the forest. It was too far from the other pigeons. With the confusion he was looking to and fro, asking everyone she met, on the other pigeons. However, there was none of pigeons who saw it, until she met Tom. Without capable of saying anything he hugged and cried on Tom. This made him confused, what was actually happening on Sherly, why he was not in the nest.
            "What happen my wife? Why are you not in the nest? And why do you cry? "He asked, confused.
Still sobbing, Sherly said, "Our nest honey."
"Yeah, what's wrong with our nest?"
"Our nest, lost gold," she replied.
"Hah! How come?"
he asked in surprise," did not you keep it? "
            "I've been out," he replied. "Seeing our children are starving while you're not home yet so I do not have the heart, then I'm out for a while to find their caterpillars, but when I returned they were gone."
            "I told you not to keep? Looking for food for them and for you is my duty, not you dear. "
            "I know.  I'm sorry, this is my fault."

            Then after that Tom took her home and made him a new temporary nest. Then Tom was now trying to find their children. From tree to tree he was looking for, asked around. He came down because of the possibility of nest fallen by  wind. Then he met a turtle that was walking around the apple tree where the nest is located.
            "Mr. turtles, briefly, whether you had seen anyone climbing the apple tree behind it?" He asked, pointing to an apple tree.
"I know a lot of things were climbing the tree," and he said lightly.
“Are you serious, sir?" He asked curiously.
"Of course,"
"Who are they Mr. Turtle? Are there any among them who bring bird nest contains four squabs?"
            "No sir," he replied.
            "Are you sure?"
            "Of course, master. There's no way there was a bunch of red ants even able to lift and carry pigeon nest containing four children."
            Feeling not get the answer he wanted, he continued his search elsewhere, asking anyone who he found in his journey. He was flying from one tree to another tree. While still crying, Sherly regretted what he had done to lead to the loss of her children for the first time she gave birth. Then a pigeon came to her.
"Oh my beautiful sister, there is hell? Why are you crying so?"
            "My children, lady," Sherly said. "Someone stole them from me."
"How can?"
That was a long story, lady."
"Have you
been looking for? And where is your husband?"
"Already, and now my husband is looking for him."
"Just wait, my sister, they
will be found," he consoled.
While the pigeon lady was being comforted by his experience during the birth of her first child, Tom was still trying to find children that were still undiscovered. When he was flying with a bird he met an old brother. Without preamble he asked her. However, he also could not give an answer that Tom had hoped. Until then a crow's voice seemed to give an answer to Tom. The crow that had been seen perched on top of the Scarecrow in the cornfield not far from the apple orchard, which he had passed shortly after he met an old brother.
"You look for your son, my friend?" Asked the raven, which was then known named smith.
"Yes Mr. ...?"
Mr. Smith. Did you see them?"
"Yes, I see it." Answered the
"Where you see th
em Mr. Smith?" She asked with hope also anxiety.
            "There is a good heart bird who wants to teach them to fly master virgin."
            "How is it possible? My kids are just born two days ago." Puzzled, he answered," no way, they couldn’t be taught to fly. And who is also a bird that you mean Mr. Smith?"
"John, is the name of the host bird friend. Do you want to see him?"
What bird is he?"
"John is a hawk, he was eager to meet you."
"Really? Where is he now?"
"Right behind you."
            Tom just turned around to see, he could not do anything while the eagle has landed a very powerful claw grip to his head and body. Instantly Tom also met his end, following her children who first entered another realm in the body of John, a cruel hawk, predatory all birds who are weak. Still did not move, the Raven said.
            "Hahaha. Because he really wanted to enjoy your flesh, Mr. Tom. Yes, Tom who is admired by all birds in this forest, but now he is just memories. "
            A crow who was always jealous of all the marks of honor earned by Tom. A bird was crazed by the beauty of Sherly. A bird who planned all of this bloody tragedy. Yes, started from jealousy of a crow named Smith who took the family on the death without even leaving their best offspring. That was the families of the World's Best race pigeons. Still crying, Sherly now lived alone in his new nest, without knowing that her husband was now gone. Today the dark, the night wore on, her anxiety increased as the night grew cold temperatures. Sherly was still not sleeping. Soon a bird was coming, a crow said hello. Not the slightest suspicion alighted on his mind. She didn’t know that the crow that's what brought death to her husband and son.
"Good evening, Sherly my dear," said Smith.
"Good evening
Mr. Raven," replied she.
"Do not you feel lonely tonight?"
"Yes, but I'm waiting for my husband."
t you wait. He will not come."
"He must have come to bring children."
"I already told you, he's even your children will not come."
"I do not believe you."
            "Trust me, they will not come." While flying away from the nest Sherly he added, "That’s because they have been in a world of difference to our world today."
            Still did not believe in the words of the Raven, Sherly was still waiting, without sleep until dawn. Even she did not dare to come out the nest, scared if when she went to, her husband and her children came home to find her, but she was not in the nest. They will worry. Two days she did not sleep, nor eat. Sherly was still waiting endlessly, until her increasingly emaciated look. After 5 days without eating and drinking, Sherly eventually died, leaving her friends and reunited with her husband and her children.
** THE END **


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